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The Morning List Bridging the Gap

What is The Morning List?

The Morning List provides a prioritized and consolidated call list of potential customers who genuinely appreciate your content published on your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram Company Pages.  

The newest contacts are flagged for a few days to ensure you don't miss out on any opportunities.

The Morning List Bridges the Gap: From Likes to Leads

The Morning List,  based on Goggles Insights’ unique LeadTracking engagement metrics, transforms content engagement into real sales opportunities.  

The Morning List:  Unparalleled LeadTracking metrics - across LinkedIn- and Meta Company Pages

Boost your sales by activating and tracking your social media leads. Whether you' use Facebook or Instagram company pages to promote your business, The Morning List is your versatile companion. 

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The Morning List Uncover your Corporate and Retail Audience

Improve and compare your business content relevancy across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Company Pages - using our unique engagement metrics:

Participation - identify individuals and specific posts that engages most deeply.

Exposure - ensure your content resonates with your audience and Followers.

Interaction - what percentage of your audience is deeply engaged with what you publish versus those who just scroll past?


LinkedIn Company Pages excels in corporate social selling, using The Morning List to understand and rank engagement and uncover key players.


On Facebook and Instagram Company Pages, The Morning List becomes a vital tactic tool for direct sales, connecting you with individuals actively responding to commercial offers.

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The Morning List Run a business on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?
  • Not seeing the desired returns on your ad spend?
  • Frustrated by a lack of response despite investing time in content and pictures?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with managing likes and comments without enough time for proper follow-up?
  • Missing a unified overview of everyone responding to your content?
  • Interested in identifying and connecting with those who respond most frequently?
  • Confused about why some posts outperform others?
  • Struggling to find the time or energy to discover new and exciting people responding to your posts that you can directly contact and sell to?

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