Cross-Platform Measurement

The reason you and your company use social media is that engagement on your company's profiles has a direct impact on your commercial results.

By tracking key individuals who show repetitive engagement, your company can improve its return on investment and strengthen its market reputation.

Unified engagement measurement across business social profiles, such as Meta and LinkedIn Company Pages, is therefore crucial. It provides your company with a structured and comparable overview of all behavior and engagement—measured consistently—across platforms.

The Morning List identifies and provides you with accumulated and ranked lists of the individuals behind the engagement—per platform. The total sum of engagement from your posts reveals the people most interested in your content.

Cross-platform measurement allows businesses to analyze the sum of engagement, such as  likes, shares, and comments, across multiple platforms. By identifying which platforms generate the most relevant engagement, businesses can adjust their content strategy.

Conversion Measurement across multiple platforms can help businesses identify which platforms are most effective. This information can be used to optimize advertising spend and improve ROI.


Unified cross-platform measurement is important because it gives businesses a more comprehensive understanding of audience behavior and engagement across multiple social media platforms. This information can be used to optimize content strategy, improve targeting, increase engagement, and drive business growth.

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