The Purpose of Company Pages

"I am my business."


So naturally, promoting myself means promoting my business. But how does this play out on the professional playground of LinkedIn? Should I focus on growing my personal profile or building my brand's LinkedIn Page? Let's dive into this breakdown and find some answers.

First things first, let's understand the difference between a LinkedIn Page and a Personal Page. Think of LinkedIn as a big community divided into two categories: members and organizations. I'm a member, and I have my personal page – let's call it my "member profile" because it's all about me. It's my own little corner of LinkedIn, my digital representation of my professional brand. I can list my experience, build my network, and share content to establish myself as a thought leader. When people want to learn about me, they go to my member profile. It's like my personal online hangout spot.

On the other hand, we have LinkedIn Pages, which are dedicated to organizations. They're independent of my profile, but there are ways to strategically connect the two. A LinkedIn Page is where an organization can define its brand's identity, voice, purpose, capabilities, and culture. It's like the business's personal hangout spot on LinkedIn. So, when people want to learn about my organization, they go to its LinkedIn Page. It's like having a separate online presence for my business.

Now, let's talk about the key differences between LinkedIn Pages and Personal Pages. LinkedIn Pages represent organizations, while personal pages represent individuals like me. My personal profile has connections – the people I've connected with on LinkedIn. But my LinkedIn Page has followers – people who are interested in my business and want to stay updated. If I want to run ads on LinkedIn, I can only do it through my Page.

And here's a fun fact: I need my personal profile to set up a Page. So, you could say my personal profile is like the parent of my LinkedIn Page. They're connected, but they have their own distinct purposes.

So when should I use LinkedIn Pages versus Personal Pages? Well, it depends on my unique situation, but here's some general guidance.

If I'm a sole proprietor or the face of my brand, like Øyvind from "Øyvind Thorsheim Consulting," then it's all about me. In this case, it makes sense to focus on my personal profile because promoting myself and growing my network is crucial for business growth. I am my business, after all. It's like being a one-person show, wearing all the hats and doing all the tricks.

But if I have bigger plans for my business and want to build equity in my brand, it's time to think beyond just being the star of the show. Creating a LinkedIn Page is a smart move if I want to scale up and expand. It's like setting up a separate booth at the fair for my business. I still get to perform, but now I have a dedicated space to showcase my brand's identity and attract a wider audience. It's like going from a solo act to having a whole band supporting me on stage.

So, how do I make the shift from a personal page to a LinkedIn Page? Here are some pointers:

Complete Your Page: Take the time to set up my LinkedIn Page properly. I want it to shine, so I'll follow the necessary steps to make it complete and attractive.

Post Relevant Content: Consistently share content on my Page that appeals to my target audience. It's like performing songs that my fans love. And don't forget to reshare those posts from my LinkedIn Page to my member profile. I'll get my connections excited and encourage them to follow my Page. It's like inviting my personal party friends to check out my business party.


Spread the Word: I'll send a one-time email to my customer list, letting them know about my new or revitalized LinkedIn Page. It's like sending out invitations to my business party. And hey, if I have any employees or business partners, I'll get them involved too. I'll encourage them to follow the steps above and promote my Page together.

Personalize Your Profile: I'll take inspiration from masterful LinkedIn profiles and jazz up my personal profile accordingly. It's like adding a touch of pizzazz to my personal party outfit. And don't forget to follow LinkedIn Pages best practices for my business. It's like making sure my business party has all the right decorations and refreshments.

It's all about me and my business.

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