Uncover your audience with Goggles Insights

Goggles Insights turns engagement data into a list of your super fans and die-hard customers. So, what does that mean for your business? It means you can focus on the people who truly love what you do, leading to more sales and loyal customers.

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Don't get overwhelmed by data on social media! It's easy to drown in numbers. Most businesses don't deal with data, they deal with people. That's where Goggles Insights© comes in.

Goggles Insights© turns numbers into real people. We identify and rank your audience based on loyalty and commitment. Loyalty measures engagement frequency, and commitment gauges their involvement. Say goodbye to endless analytics tabs!

With Goggles Insights©, you can level up your marketing and strategy. Discover how to engage your most loyal customers and improve your business. Let's dive in and unlock your success!

If you’re in sales

If you’re in sales, you probably know the difference between a cold call and a warm call, and which one you prefer.

Goggles Insights© will generate a prospect list of warm leads just for you, based on engagement on your LinkedIn™ Company Page, Facebook and Instagram Company Pages. Use this to connect with potential clients, identify new markets and reward existing customers for their loyalty.

How to find new markets with Goggles Insights©

When uncovering your audience, you’ll also be able to see workplace and function when previewing their profile. Pay close attention. You might be attracting attention from someone in a market you hadn’t considered yet.

If you work in human resources or with employer branding

If you’re working with employer branding, you probably know how important it is to engage your employees. And how hard it can be. If you told us that you’re struggling to get people involved, we’d tell you that you’re absolutely not alone.

With Goggles Insights© you’ll be able to identify the employees that are engaging with your content. Engaged employees are essential when it comes to generating organic reach for your content. You can finally measure employee advocacy and even reward your most engaged employees. With Goggles Insights©, you can learn what resonates and what doesn’t. When your employees are sharing great content, they build both their own and your brand. That’s what we call win-win.

And if you´re looking to hire, you can use our ambassador feature to look for potential prospects based on previous engagement with your LinkedIn™, Facebook and Instagram Company Pages.

If you interested in optimizing your content

If you’re marketing on social media, you’re probably interested in content performance. Great content generates more organic reach and drives more action. If you’re sponsoring your content, great content gives you more results for less money.

Use our analysis feature to understand your content performance. Use our metrics to identify and rank which posts are getting your audience involved, which posts are generating reach and which posts are best overall. Try our statistics feature to correlate content performance with reach and follower growth.

A quick look on proprietary KPI “Relevance rate”

Relevance rate measures how well your content is resonating in your target audience. We measure relevance rate by comparing your post impressions with the number of followers you have on your page. Why?

  • Impressions because that’s your outreach and way of creating impact.
  • Followers because it’s a relatively static number and it can be correlated with content performance.

The result is a simple way to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

A service for marketers on every level

We developed Goggles Insights© with simplicity in mind. We don’t believe in overwhelming you with unlimited amount of data or a complex product offering. Goggles Insights© will uncover your audience and give you access to improved analytics. Use them to understand your content performance and to enhance your social media strategy.


Goggles Insights© is currently available for LinkedIn™ Company Pages, Facebook and Instagram Company Pages. 

Goggles Insights© is able to extract the same metrics on all three platforms, allowing you to compare apples to apples.

Signing up

If you’re interested, the next step is to download Goggles Insights© for a free 30-days trial.