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Goggles Bridging the gap between engagement and sales

What is The Morning List?

The Morning List is your daily aggregated sales to-do list, highlighting your top-priority contacts for the day. It's a prioritized and consolidated call list of all potential clients who genuinely appreciate your content on company pages. Plus, the latest contacts are marked for a few days to ensure you don't miss out on any opportunities.

Bridging the Gap: Likes to Sales

Ever wondered about the power of likes and comments? The Morning List transforms these virtual gestures into real sales opportunities. 

For Everyone, Everywhere

Whether you're on LinkedIn™, Facebook, or Instagram company pages, The Morning List is your versatile companion. This tool makes the selling process effective and easy for everyone involved.

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Goggles Simplified Analytics

We prioritize simplicity in our approach. Our belief is to empower you without overwhelming you with an avalanche of data.

If you’re marketing on social media, you’re probably interested in content performance. Great content generates more organic reach and drives more action. If you’re sponsoring your content, great content gives you more results for less money.

Use our analysis feature to understand your content performance. Use our metrics to identify and rank which posts are getting your audience involved, which posts are generating reach and which posts are best overall. Try our statistics feature to correlate content performance with reach and follower growth.

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Goggles Small Business Brilliance Unleashed!

For the Visionaries:

To the entrepreneurs and small business trailblazers, we salute your ambition! Goggles Insights isn't just a tool; it's your strategic arsenal for unprecedented business growth.

Symphony of Strategies:

Unveil the potential customers lurking in the shadows and focus your spotlight on them. Elevate your sales prowess and witness profits soar. Cultivate an audience that resonates with your service and brand, breathing life into your online presence. Claim the crown of visibility and recognition in your niche. Forge direct lines of communication that bridge the gap with your valued potential and clients.

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