Goggles - Why We Are Here

Our mission is to ensure that you and your company can effortlessly leverage the feedback generated by the content you publish on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn-, Facebook-, and Instagram Company Pages.

We're all about giving you a competitive advantage in sales, by providing you with continuously updated, ranked, and consolidated lists of relevant warm leads — those who actively engage with your posts.

All you must focus on is closing the deals. We've got the rest covered!

Meet the Board, Management, Sales & Marketing Team

Merge AS - Oslo www.gogglesinsights.com
Sven Stikbakke

Sven Stikbakke Board member

Sven has a 30-year long career and within general management and has economic and financial experience from several positions within different industries, companies and countries. 

Øyvind Thorsheim

Øyvind Thorsheim Chairman

Øyvind is an experienced Direct Marketing & CRM-business entrepreneur. His experience and expertise cover all aspects of service innovation, business strategy & development as well as management, sales and marketing.    

Ole Asboe Jørgensen

Ole Asboe Jørgensen Board member

Ole has 30+ year experience from sales, marketing and strategy development to planning and implementation in a number of industries and especially within healthcare (pharmaceuticals and various medical devices) and finance (private banking, retail banking, online trading, insurance, life and pension).

Project management Technology & Programming

www.apid.eu – Warsaw
Marzanna Rutkowska

Marzanna Rutkowska Project manager

Works with APID Solutions, and holds an MBA within marketing & management, with a long experience within top IT-management positions, both national and internationally. 


Jakub Senior iOS developer

Having over 10 years of experience in commercial projects as iOS developer. He is aware of best practices in software engineering and extensively experienced in design patterns, agile methodology, mobile security, and user experience.


Grzegorz Senior backend developer

Creating backend solutions for web application and mobile apps.


Dominik Senior Android developer

Having 9 years of experience as mobile app maker.


Przemek Backend developer

Experienced backend developer.


Agata UI/UX designer

Holding 8 years of experience, specializing in designing mobile applications. 



Jan Video maker

Animation video maker and YouTube specialist